• [   1818   ]   New England Glass Company is founded in East Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • [   1874   ]   Edward Drummond Libbey joins his father, William, at the New England Glass Company

  • [   1885   ]   Michael Owens Comes on Board and begins his innovations in the glass industry.

  • [   1888   ]   Libbey Moves its factory to Toledo, OH.

  • [   1893   ]   Libbey constructs a complete model glass factory at the World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago. The success of this exhibit established the Libbey brand name throughout America.

  • [   1893   ]   Libbey Glass creates a spun glass dress for Princess Eulalia of Spain as part of its efforts for the World's Exhibition in Chicago.

  • [   1904   ]   Libbey is the first to automatically produce electric light bulbs in the glass industry.

  • [   1907   ]   Libbey is the first to develop machine blown glass tumblers.

  • [   1966   ]   Libbey debuts its Golden Foliage glassware. This will become the largest selling decorated glassware pattern ever made by Libbey.

  • [   1968   ]   Libbey marks its 150th anniversary with a parade reenacting the move from New England to Toledo 80 years before in 1888. Theatre members, dressed in 19th century garb, march to the Libbey Factory. This is also the same year that Libbey makes the first 18 section press and blow tumbler machine.

  • [   1970   ]   Libbey makes the first one piece press and blow stemware (patented process).

  • [   1974   ]   Libbey launches the first large ware press and blow tumbler machine.

  • [   1975   ]   Libbey develops the largest machine made stemware in the world.

  • [   1977   ]   Libbey is the first to conduct automatically inspected glassware.

  • [   1983   ]   Libbey has the first NSA fully automatic computer controlled stemware machine.

  • [   1987   ]   Libbey celebrates their line of Spud Mckensie branded Bud Light glassware by hosting the famous mascot and his Spudettes for the launch event in downtown Toledo. Libbey also launches the first computer controlled tumbler machine.

  • [   989   ]   Libbey creates the marbelique glassware process.

  • [   1993   ]   Libbey becomes a public company (NYSE:LBY)

  • [   1995   ]   Libbey purchases Syracuse China and begins its journey manufacturing high end china for foodservice channels around the world. Libbey also reveals the first computer controlled blowing machine for stemware.

  • [   1996   ]   Libbey has the first tableware computer simulation for hot glass forming processes.

  • [   1997   ]   Libbey acquires World Tableware, expanding its dinnerware offering and adding flatware and holloware items to the lineup. Libbey also opens it outlet store in downtown Toledo- discounts galore!

  • [   2002   ]   Royal Leerdam join the Libbey team allowing Libbey to add luxury glassware to the mix. Libbey also acquires Traex in this year.

  • [   005   ]   Libbey Acquires Crisal - a glassware manufacturer based in Portugal.

  • [   2006   ]   Crisa joins Libbey in continuing their glassmaking tradition in Monterrey, Mexico. Libbey also opens their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Langfang, China.

  • [   2008   ]   Libbey moves to a new showroom on the 9th floor at the famous 41 Madison Avenue building in New York City. Libbey also participates in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Toledo.

  • [   2011   ]   CEO John Meier & Libbey's management team ring the NYSE closing bell to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Libbey's return to the public exchange.

  • [   2012   ]   Company announces they’ll keep their corporate headquarters in the Glass City: Toledo, OH.


タンブラーの種類は群を抜いていて、口部強化Duratuff (デュラタフ)を施した商品は、シリーズ・形状・サイズにおいてバリエーション豊富です。
  ビードの無いエッジSheer Rimに関してもサイズやデザインのバリエーションを提案しています。上品な容姿に加え、飲み物をそのままの温度で楽しむ上でも優れており、上質なサービスにこだわるお店にお勧めです。


  Retailカタログで紹介されている、パッケージングのデザインや規格の豊富さは魅力です。花瓶など大きなサイズも多く揃えています。B to B 商品群は、キャンドルホルダーや多様なサイズのキャニスターが目立ちます。



  プレスウェアを得意にする工場です。タンブラー、ボウル、プレートが豊富に揃います。中には手作りの商品もありますが、他社製品と比べコストパフォーマンスの良さが魅力の一つです。また蓋付タッパなどキッチンウェアもあり、PYR – O – RAY (ピ オ レイ) シリーズはオーブンでの使用も可能です。ココット、レキュタンギュラー、オーバルなどバリエーションに富んだ形状が存在します。

  アメリカと同型のタンブラーやステムウェアをコンパクトな規模で展開しています。口部強化Duratuff (デュラタフ)を施した商品は シリーズ・形状・サイズにおいてバリエーション豊富です。